We are proud to announce one of our gardens is a 2017 APLD international design award winner! Following are some photos of the garden:

The Design Program:

Location:  Anacortes, Washington

Site description:  Suburban lot, 1 acre.  House sits high on a hill with views of Similk Bay and Skagit Island to the southwest.    Neighbors are located to the north on an upper hill, looking across the property.  The rear garden backs up to exposed bedrock at the toe of the uphill surrounding slope.

Soils:  Rocky clay.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone:  8-9

Program:  The clients requested a comprehensive landscape design.   They gave the garden designer great freedom to create a garden that is contemporary with new naturalistic and ecological planting ideas, like coastal prairie plantings.   

 Also, they expressed a desire for multiple areas to entertain family and guests in a unique and modern setting.   The plan should include a sport court, a fire feature, screening for septic system components, and an  arrival courtyard with water feature.  A generous auto court was requested for parking.  A small lawn for the children and dog was the only turf required.