Design Process

Design is a process through which the designer must filter your needs and desires, the constraints of your site, and the possibilities imagined through time spent ruminating on all of the above.  Our projects are as unique as our clients: certainly no two are alike.  Through our initial consultation with you, we develop a concept, scope, and sequence specific to suit your particular project and goals. From here we will craft a plan for your garden design that matches your needs.  This can include anything from a conceptual design for a single space to a full site master plan.  We are more than happy to tailor our service to you.  The experience you receive, however, will be uncompromising in quality and rigor.

plant problems?

We offer horticultural consultations to make the most of your existing design and assist you with all manner of plant-related issues.  We can offer pruning and maintenance advice, planting ideas, or help with pests and diseases.  


Design Development

Once we determine the extent of your design, we will develop a timeline and begin the process of formulating a design concept for your garden.  Far from just pie-in-the-sky ideas, we create these designs with the specific dimensions and constraints of your site.  We take detailed measurements of existing site features, slopes, and obstacles to this end.  The result will be a concept fitted specifically to the challenges of your site.  These measurements also allow us to produce a scaled landscape plan and other documents necessary for your landscape to be built.  In many cases these will include detail drawings, elevations, and computer modeling.  With these tools, even people who have trouble visualizing 2-D plans will get a virtual glimpse into their finished garden before a shovel breaks ground.


We know from over 20 years of experience that successful gardens are those that are designed by the people who build them and built by the people who design them. The designer involved in the construction of the garden ensures the inclusion of important details, relationships of space & scale and can prevent costly errors borne by misunderstanding of plans. All of our gardens have seen the benefit of this seamless approach.

After the design is complete, we work with you to determine priorities and develop an estimate for installation. Some are interested in having the entire design implemented at one go. Others find that their budget and/or schedule permit only part of the garden to be constructed immediately. We will work with you to determine the most suitable plan of action.

Though we use subcontractors to carry out some portions of the installation (e.g. concrete) we have our own crew of workers who are skilled artisans in their own right. Their work includes not only the installation of plants, but also irrigation, lighting, stone and paved terraces, retaining walls, steps, water features, and helping to install works of art.  We keep the lines of communication open throughout the construction process to ensure your final garden is crafted even more beautifully on the ground than on paper.